Thoughts on the summit?

Hey guyys I just wanted to know what your thoughts were in the summit.

I think they shouldn’t have the summit because the concept of words should be special to level 5 and 6 teams. If they have the summit and worlds at the same place what do you have to look forward to when you finally reach a senior 5? Imagine going to the wwos every year of cheerleading career. If you start cheering at 5 and cheer till your 18 and go to the summit/worlds every year that would be 13 years. It wouldn’t be special it would just be routine. And imagine how much it would cost going to Disney every year for cheerleading. Then think about the girls who double team from a senior 5 to a senior 4 or something that would go to both the summit and worlds. It would be so expensive and not special. I think they should get rid of the summit and go back to us finals and all levels.

What do you guys think?